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Searching through 203784 audio files and increasing...

MGooS is a musical web application launched at year 2011. It was placed for musical fans to indulge their passions. The concept of the MGooS is based on online advertising of all the forms i.e. audio, visual and text. The most important part of the advertising is based on marketing product with its increasing number and types of user. More number of users with more diversified user, the more successful product it is. MGooS is the musical website which will fulfill the entire requirements. It is an out performing musical site.

This is the musical site which comprises of songs searching with advance searching, popular songs of last week, recent uploads, all time popular, upload songs, bookmarks. There is also option to send songs to friends. All genres and styles of music are covered here, ranging from the most commercially popular to the most obscure. They can email their wishes, messages in the form of song to their beloved ones via MGooS in just one click. They can even upload their own songs, make it private or public.

MGooS likes to say “Search Audio, Share Audio, and Love Audio” with us.

Our Mission Statement is:

“To provide music lovers a compelling way to search and listen music online.”

MGooS uses technology at its best and developed a FISE model. This model differentiates us from others. FISE states for Fast, Intelligent, Simple, Extraordinary featured.

Manish Arora
Manish Arora
This search engine was deviced by Mr. Ali Abbas Manager, Mr. Purav Master and Mr. Neel Jinwala - students of SVNIT Surat, under the guidence of Mr. Manish Arora and Mr. Ritesh Kanoongo. MGooS is an acronym for “My Gracious Online Operating System”. When they registered this site they thought they would create online operating system, but they found it was not that much appealing to Internet users.

At the time of registration of this site they got hosting space of 10 GB by web server hosting company, which was after a period of time upgraded to 50 GB. So, eventually they decided to explore music from their site. To achieve that they have upload MP3 files, this was restrictive by Web Server Hosting as per rules. After two months they revised their plan and started working to make it MP3 search engine, by which people can explore music in a better way. It was appealing to users and appreciated by many.

As the time passed on, the music search engine was updated and enhanced. The search engine was especially made for users to listen the songs on the search engine itself, they are not required to move to any media players to listen the song. The music search engine is to search audio/mp3 files. They all worked on the philosophy “The combination of hard work and smart work brings efficient work”.

“Words make you think thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” - By E.Y. Harbug

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